Buckboard. Buckboard

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Buckboard was an outstanding country rock band in the seventies and eighties around the Pacific Northwest and Nevada. 

Members of this outstanding band were, Kraig Hutchens, Rudy Spain, Sandra Kaye Hutchens and Van Coffey.

This album was released in 1983, it was recorded at Sierra Nevada Recording in Reno, NV. All songs were published by CIS Northwest Music Publishing, BMI.

The songs on this album: I Ain't Never Been To Jail, William Tell Overture, Where Does Love Go, Home Away From Home, For My Heart's Sake, I Hear It's Warm In Texas, Should I Go Home With Her, Smilin' Eyes, Ain't No Holdin' On To Me, In Spite Of You and If I Love you Tonight

This album as pictured still has the plastic cover over the original album cover and the record itself is in very good condition.