Chakachas. Jungle Fever

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Jungle Fever an excellent album by Chakachas which includes the following songs: Chica Chica Bau Bau, Un Rayo Del Sol, Cha Ka Cha, Latin Can Can, Yo Soy Cubano, Eso Es El Amor, Harlem Nocturne, Ay Mulata, El Canyon Rojo, El Rico Son and Jungle Fever.

The Chakachas were a Belgian based group of Latin soul studio musicians. Also known as Les Chakachas or Los Chakachas, they were formed by bandleader Gaston Bogaert, ex-Los Juano Boengs and The Continentals.

Chakachas started out in the late 1950's, and had a Belgian #1 in 1958 with "Eso es el amor", which was sung in Spanish. In 1959 they recorded "Rebecca", which was featured seven years later in the film The Battle of Algiers. In 1962, they crept into the UK Singles Chart for the first time with "Twist Twist", which reached #48. Although they released numerous recordings, they are best remembered as a one hit wonder for their hit disco single "Jungle Fever" from 1971, which sold over one million copies in the United States and it received a gold record in March of 1972. It also reached #8 in the US Billboard Hot 100. In the UK it fared less well: despite some airplay soon after release it was later pulled from airplay by the BBC, which took exception to the song's moaning and heavy breathing. It peaked at #29.

This album on Polydor records is a promotional radio station copy but is in very good condition. Even the cover is in very good condition.