Cheech & Chong. Wedding Album

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This 1974 record album release by Ode, Warner Brothers and WEA Records. A joint collaboration entitled Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album.

The album cover of Cheech & Chong's Wedding Album had concept origination, design and art direction by Peter Corriston and contained unique artwork that made the album look like an actual wedding album; the album's design was even nominated for a Grammy award.

In the inner fold of the original vinyl LP, there are many pictures of the "wedding and reception". Cheech and Chong, both playing the groom, were dressed to look like conjoined twins, while the bride, a blonde whose face remained hidden by wearing a plain brown bag over her head in every photo, is in the late stages of pregnancy.

Original sleeve inserts contained mail order  information for various Cheech & Chong paraphernalia, including candles, T-shirts, and ceramic hand-painted roach clips.

The outside of the album cover shows some damage, the cover picture is excellent. The interior pictures are all very good. The album itself sounds great and shows very little wear.