Conway Twitty. Crazy In Love

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Crazy In Love is the first full-length album by Conway Twitty to be released in the 1990's. This album was released on MCA Records, and it  included a pair of top three hits, one in the title track, and the other in the song "I Couldn't See You Leavin'"

  1. "A Little Bit of You" written by Walt Aldridge 
  2. "Crazy in Love" written by Randy McCormick and Even Stevens
  3. "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman" written by Stevens 
  4. "I'm Tired of Being Something (That Means Nothing to You)" written by Ladonna Brewer  
  5. "What's Another Goodbye" written by Kent Robbins 
  6. "Shadow of a Distant Friend" written by Steve Dean, Jim McBride and Roger Murrah  
  7. "One Bridge I Didn't Burn" written by Dean and McBride
  8. " I Couldn't See You Leavin" written by Rory Michael Bourke and Ronny Scaife. 
  9. "Just the Thought of Losing You" written by Michael Bolton and Jonathan Cain 
  10. "Hearts Breakin' All Over Town" written by Karen Staley and Pam Tillis.

This CD is in excellent condition.