DVD. Flaming Star starring Elvis Presley

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1960. 6.5 Stars. It's West Texas shortly after the Civil War. Two cultures - One White, the other native American.  Pacer Burton (Elvis) the son of a white rancher (John McIntire) and beautiful Kiowa Indian wife (Dolores DelRio), attempts to keep the peace during unrest between the settlers and natives.

A rare glimpse into what might have been.  Elvis was an amazing musician but it was matched equally by his dramatic acting ability which, sadly, was never allowed to blossom.  In this film, you see the raw talent he possessed, a talent that was wasted when "the powers" forced Elvis to adhere to the musical-comedy roles written up in his contract, roles he grew to hate.  Imagine what direction his life might have taken if he was known as Elvis the Actor!! 

111 minutes in length.