DVD. Maid To Order starring Ally Sheedy

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1987 Film approximately 92 minutes in length released by Artisan Home Entertainment.The stars include Ally Sheedy, Bevferly D'Angelo, Michael Ontkean, Valerie Perrine, Dick Shawn and Tom Skerritt. 

This film is funny and entertaining. Jessie Montgomery played by Sheedy is rich and bored. The Beverly Hills raised daughter of a widower played by Tom Skerritt, has become a spoiled brat. Her father wishes he never had a daughter. Unknown to all, his wish is granted by fairy godmother Stella played by Beverly D'Angelo. Stella transforms Jessie into a homeless penniless outsider who is forced to work as a maid for wealthy social climbers Stan and Georgette Starkey played by Dick Shawn and Valerie Perrine and their daughter Brie.

The movie is rated PG. The DVD is like new and comes with a number of special features.