Humble Pie. A Song For Jenny / I Don't Need No Doctor

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Humble Pie were an English rock band formed by  Steve Marriott, in Essex during 1969. In January 1969 Steve Marriott, having just left Small Faces, got together with Greg Ridley, Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley, who had been the drummer for the mod band Apostolic Intervention. Originally, Marriott had brought together Shirley and Ridley as a possible band for Frampton, but ended up joining them himself. They eventually chose the name Humble Pie and were signed to Immediate Records.  

The soon left Immediate Records and signed with A&M Records and in 1971 this forty five rpm record was released. The A side was A Song For Jenny and the b side was a live version of a song they had released a couple of years before. An excellent record and this one is in very good condition.