Kaino and his Afro-Percussion Group. Fabulous Bongo Ping Pong Percussion

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Released in 1960 by Coronet Records in True Stereo. Kaino and his Afro-Percussion Group have been widely acclaimed for their interpretation of "Music with that Jungle Beat". The exciting music of the tropics has a driving pulsating rhythm.Kaino has magnified this earthy feeling with his interpretation and deep understanding of the motivating forces responsible for this music. The result is a musical selection unique in its presentation of music that is "off the beaten path".

On this album are the following songs: Ziaeica, Dance Of The Cockatoo, Spirits Of The Night, The Sea Of Green, Man And Beast, Jungle Paths, Wild River, Rain Drops, Torrid Drums and To The Sea.

This album is in excellent condition.