King Biscuit Entertainers. Now Baby, I Love You / Priscilla Brown

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This single was released in 1968 on KBE label by King Biscuit Entertainers.

King Biscuit Entertainers a very good band with excellent musicians and entertainers. They played to crowds throughout the Pacific Northwest gaining return bookings and airplay on radio stations in Portland and Seattle. This record did get some radio air play and both sides did equally as well in the late 1960's. The band broke up in 1971.

Originally the Furys and in that band were the following members: Rich Brown on guitar and saxophone, Rick Dey on vocals, Roger Huycke the drummer, Ray Kennedy on bass and guitar, Norman Lacoursier on guitar and Dick Niska played keyboards.

The Furys recorded for Pat Mason, a leading booking agent of the era, on his Lavender label out of Springfield, OR.  They put out several fairly decent songs for the time, including MerryAnn, Beachin', Parchman Farm, Florence of Arabia, Sand Flea, among others.The Furys formed in 1961 and around 1965 they The Furys but by 1965 changed their name to The Pipers IV, a name that added a little more distinction. 

As the Pipers the band did a club residency in San Francisco and during that time they recorded several singles that became pretty popular with the college fraternities. After this California journey the band lost some of their earlier members and proceeded to assemble a new group which was made up of my friends Roger Huycke on Drums, Ray Kennedy on organ. The rest of the band was made up of Rich Brown on guitar and Rick Dey  on bass. It was then that they changed their name to the Wilde Knights.

That band somewhere in 1965 became the Wilde Knights. During that time Dey and Brown wrote and the band recorded the original "Just Like Me", that Paul Revere and the Raiders had a huge hit with and that song was credited to their manager, Roger Hart a DJ in Portland, OR. However The Wilde Knights' single, with a b side of I Don't Care got picked up by Los Angeles label, Modern Records.

After the Wilde Knights,the lineup changed again and the group evolved into Genesis, then The King Biscuit Entertainers and American Cheese. Each group released singles during the sixties.

This 45 is in very good condition.