Montgomery Gentry. Triple Feature

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This CD set called Triple Feature includes Tattoos  Scars, Carrying On and My Town. This CD set was released in 2009 by Sony. This is really a triple feature and on this three cd set are the following songs: Hillbilly Shoes; Trying To Survive; Lonely And Gone; Self Made Man; Daddy Won't Sell The Farm; If A Broken Heart Could Kill;I've Loved A Lo More Than I've Hurt; Didn't Your Mama Tell Ya'; Trouble Is; Tattoos & Scars; All Night Long; She Couldn't Change me; My Father's Son; The Fine Line; Cold One Comin' On; While The World Goes Down The Drain; Hellbent On Saving Me; Carrying On; I'm A Ramblin' Man; Black Jack Fletcher and Mississippi Sam; Lucky To Be Here; Too Hard To Handle...Too Free To Hold; Tried and True; My Town (Piano Intro); My Town; Break My Heart Again; Scarecrow; Bad For Good; Speed; Hell Yeah; Lonesome; Why Do I Feel Like Running; Free Fall; Lie Before You Leave; For The Money and Good Clean Fun.

This CD is in excellent condition.