Mr. Lucky & The Gamblers. New Orleans / Searchin'

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Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers were classified as a garage band that got it start in Newport, Oregon in 1964. The band was founded by Mike Parker who played keyboard and covered vocals and Bud Garrison who played bass. Also in the group were Denny Randall playing sax, Norm Smith on drums and Willy Reinen on guitar and vocals and they started with the name The Blazers. They changed their name to Mr. Lucky & The Gamblers and began playing around the Portland area, it was there they caught the interest of local dee-jay, Tom Mix and the manager of the Chase teen club, Hal Bronson. It was then that Mix and Bronson formed a record company and recorded the band's version of "New Orleans" which became a Portland area hit.

Mr. Lucky and the Gamblers became one of the more popular groups in the Pacific Northwest the played dances and at the end of a dance the crowd wanted more which was a sure fire way of getting more booking.

The popularity of this band suffered as the music industry evolved into the harder acid hippie style of music. The popular of the new music gained and in 1967 Mike Parker (Mr Lucky) left the group and the band dissolved about a year later. 

This record is on Kasino label and is in good condition.