Pete Terrace. King Of The Boogaloo

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This album was released in 1968 on A/S Records.  Pete Terrace King Of The Boogaloo. This album was recorded in Hi-Fidelity.  On this album are the following songs: El Pito; Bang Bang; You're Looking Good; Boogaloo Loo; Oh Yeah; Doo the Boogaloo; No! No! No!; At The Party; It's Boogaloo Time; D.M. Boogaloo; I'm Gonna Make It and Here Comes Pete. 

In the late winter of 1966 a new dance explosion hit Spanish Harlem New York none as The Boogaloo. It had the best of soul ingredients spiced with excitement of latin music. Pete Terrace fast became known as King of the Boogaloo. Pete and his band had been delivering very danceable music in the area for more than 10 years and led the way into Boogaloo.

This album is in excellent condition.