VHS Tape. An Affair to Remember starring Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr

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1957 Classic Nominated for 4 Oscars & 7.5 Stars! This is a movie for the ages!  For all ages! The couple who fall in love while on a cruise - both promised to another - who agree to meet at the Empire State Building at a particular time - you've heard the story!?!  Well, this is it.  Cary Grant is Nickie Ferrante, a playboy returning to NY to marry a rich heiress.  Deborah Kerr as Terry McKay, a nightclub singer promised to another as well.  They fall in love on the ship and agree to meet 6 months later if they both feel the same about each other.  this is one of the most romantic beautiful movies ever to be released.  It stands the test of time and is worth owning and watching again and again.  A Great Date-Night Movie! Not Rated but a G definitely, 115 minutes in length