VHS Tape. Con Air starring Nicholas Cage, John Cusack & John Malkovich

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1997 Not just another one of your ex-con movies!  Cameron Poe (Cage) is a highly decorated US Army Ranger sent to the federal pen for unknowingly killing someone while defending his wife's honor and safety.  After several years Poe is up for parole but unlucky for him for his flight home he has to share a prison airplane with some of the countries most dangerous criminals - one being Cyrus the Virus (Malkovich) - who are planning their escape out of the country.  Nicholas is excellent in this role and you are rooting for him the entire time. Despite it being a shoot-em-up, inmates and escape movie, the end is  surprisingly heart warming and the relationship that builds between US Marshall Larkin (Cusack) abd Poe is heartfelt and endearing. Runs 115 minutes, rated R.