VHS Tape. Desperado starring Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek

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1995 Continuation of the independent hit "El Mariachi" Takes place in a seedy Mexican border town where Bucho a ruthless drug kingpin, responsible for the death of  El Mariachi's (Banderas) girlfriend, not to mention putting a bullet through his guitar picking hand, rules over with guns a-blazing. El Mariachi arrives, bent on revenge, and joins forces with the beautiful, unstoppable Carolina (Hayek) who runs the local bookstore.  Quentin Tarantino, Cheech Marin, and Steve Buscemi also star.  The cast is amazing together.  Antonio is definitely in his element.  It's a shoot-em-up must-see and taste of sweet revenge!  7.5 Stars!  This movie is rated R and is 104 minutes long.