VHS Tape. Desperately Seeking Susan starring Rosanna Arquette & Madonna

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1985 Must See Cult Classic.  A cute tale of a bored housewife and mistaken identity takes off with Roberta Glass (Arquette) who enjoys reading the personal ads, one in particular from Jim who is "Desperately Seeking Susan". Roberta decides to got to Battery Park and find Susan, a NY City drifter (Madonna), she sees her from afar - she's wild, and lavishly dressed - the polar opposite of Roberta.  With an opportunity to purchase Susan's easily identifiable jacket, she's off to have an adventure but as chance may have it get's amnesia and then is convinced she actually IS SUSAN.  When Susan's Jim and Roberta's husband get involved and Susan finds out who is causing all the trouble it gets crazy and funny all at once. Aidan Quinn co-stars.  Rated PG-13 104 minutes in length.