VHS Tape. Rhinestone starring Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton

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1984. Comedy, Musical - Yes, Sylvester Stallone sings - Nick, an obnoxious New York cabbie! In order to win a bet, Jake Farris (Parton) an aspiring singer from Tennessee, must turn Nick into a singer. Surprisingly funny, this movie is sweet and cute and it's always a pleasure to see Dolly do anything.  But it's a MUST to see Sly Stallone pick up a mic! 

Jake: Go to your house, huh? I suppose that's so you can show me your organ, right?
Nick Martinelli: Why do you think I'm conning you? I tell you I really do have this big organ!

Jake: All right, we'll go to your place and you can show me your organ. But I'm warning you, it'd best be having music coming out of it.

Rated PG . 111 minutes in length