VHS Tape. Stephen King's "Christine" starring Keith Gordon Dennis Guilder & Harry Dean Stanton

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1983 Horror Movie based on the novel by Stephen King centers around a 1957 red Plymouth Fury that is the cause of 2 accidents, one fatal.  Now it's 1977 and Arnie Cunningham (Gordon) sees the wrecked car sitting in a garden for sale. Arnie falls in love with the car purchases it and sets out to restore it.  During the restoration, Arnie changes and becomes  a cocky teanager and is possessed about the restoration and it seems the car is possessed about Arnie.  The car has a mind of its own and terrorizes the town, killing everyone in her wake.  Each time, repairing herself when damaged.  Does Christine ever die??  In true Stephen King fashion, this film is a nail biter.  Rated R, 2 hours in length. 6.7 stars.