VHS Tape. Gladiator starring Russell Crowe

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2000 8.5 Stars!  Winner of 5 Oscars! Director Ridley Scott can do no wrong! Just an amazing movie!! Russell Crowe as Maximus gives us a Maximus performance as the powerful Roman general who is along with his family, condemned to death by Commodus. Unable to save his family and put into the Gladiator games until he dies, his desire for revenge only grows.  Russell Crowe's Maximus,( to quote IMDb member hitchcockthelegend) 'is the man men want to be, and the man women want to be with'

Russell Crowe is superb every step of his way to his revenge - earning him a much deserved Academy Award for Best Actor. Joaquin Phoenix plays Commodus brilliantly.  Narrative and plot are beautifully simplistic.  A Classic!

Rated R, 2.5 hours in length.