Bobby Hamilton Jr. 2003 #25 US Marines Limited Edition Ford Taurus. Autographed

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This is a replica of the car driven by Bobby Hamilton Jr in the 2003 cup series for Team Rensi Motorsports. This car was sponsored by the US Marines. Produced in a very limited quantity of no more than 1,800.

This car was autographed by Hamilton and has been kept in its box ever since. It is in beautiful condition. This is a 1/24th scale diecast car produced by Team Caliber in the Owners Series. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for the Team Caliber Owners Series.The detail on the Owners series is unbelievable  with such things a metal steering wheel, fuel filler tube, high volume radiator,metal shifter, scoring sensor, protective kneepad beneath the steering column and the list goes on, I can tell you the detail is amazing. #BH30225MA