Vinyl Records

Vinyl Phonograph Records at their best! Our assortment of Vinyl Records includes  a very diverse collection, some of which are very rare, collectible and sought after like rare radio station copies, promotional copies, records that were released regionally while others were solid hits. The one thing that is sure all are great listening for music fans from a time when music was on vinyl. We rate our records as or even more fairly than most, we don't want to sell you something that you will not enjoy. When you read our descriptions please  know that we want you to enjoy your purchase, if we see a record that may not be in its best best condition we take the time to play it and evaluate that way.  All pictures are of the actual items.

Our assortment of vinyl records covers many types and styles of music. If you are a true collector or just a fan of great music and vinyl we have something for you. Add to your collection or get them as gifts. These are the real deal vinyl.