DVD. What Happens in Vegas starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz

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2008 Romantic Comedy. You know what they say!  What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas - Not this time! 

Two people, Joy, and Jack each grab a friend to head to Vegas - away from the drama in their lives, neither one knows the other, but all four are inadvertently booked into the same room in Vegas.  Soon come half-naked men and panty-clad girls screaming hysterically punching the half-naked man.  The four new roomies take it to the strip, and after who knows how many drinks later.... Jack and Joy wake up in bed together and Joy is wearing a wedding ring.  Yup - they got married in the night.  But that is just the start of their problems.  on the way out of a casino - one of them puts a coin into a slot machine and win the Jackpot!!  Now they are ordered to live together for one year before they will be granted a divorce.  Funny as hell and the friends, Hater and Tipper even funnier (hence the half-naked screaming punching scene) Rated PG13 99 minutes in length.

The disc is perfect.