DVD 3 Disc Sam Elliott Western Collection

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1994. 6.1 Stars. The Desperate Trail, Rated R, with Linda Fiorentino. Elliott plays Marshall Bill Speakes After years of abuse from her husband, Speakes' daughter-in-law finally puts an end to it and kills his son.  This is a different Elliott than usual, he's bad! But oh he's good! As a fellow Clark College graduate...Reunion meeting??  Maybe? No matter what part Elliott plays- he's good!

1997 2-Part TV Mini-Series Rough Riders 7.4 Stars. Elliott with Tom Berenger, Gary Busey, George Hamilton, Brian Keith, Christopher Noth, R. Lee Ermey, Dakin Matthews, and many more

1999 6.8 Stars!  You Know My Name, Fact-based biography of the early film Producer and Director Bill Tilghman (Elliott) a real-life cowboy who rode with Earps and faced down many bad bad men later turning to films determined to create authentic Westerns.