Arlo Guthrie. Alice's Restaurant

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Arlo Guthrie is a terrific song writer and entertainer. Arlo is the son of legendary Woody Guthrie and this album will give you a real clue to the talent that Arlo brought to the recording industry. 

On this 33 rpm record you will find the hit Alice's Restaurant Massacree all 18.20 minutes of it. If you never heard it you need to treat yourself if you have hearing it again will bring back a lot of memories. On the other side of the album you will find Chilling of the Evening, Rin-Around-A-Rosy Rag, Now and Then, I'm Going Home, The Motorcycle Song and Highway in the Wind.

This album looks good, as a matter of fact it still has the outer plastic protecting the cover. This was a reprise recording in stereo from 1967. The record is in very good condition.