Bill Cosby. Inside The Mind Of Bill Cosby

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MCA Records released this comedy album with Bill Cosby in 1972.

Inside the mind of Bill Cosby, we find the humor, the fears, the greeds, the loves and resentments of all of us. We find the Bill Cosby childhood, the creator of Weird Harold and Fat Albert, the Bill Cosby domestic scene, and we find Bill Cosby The Institution.

Everybody knows what Bill Cosby is talking about and identifies with him. He brings back your childhood. He makes mountains out of molehills.

This album was certainly one of his funniest. Included on this album are the following bits: The Invention Of Basketball, Survival,  Ennis' Toilet, Bill's Marriage, Bedroom Slippers, Froofie The Dog, The Lower Tract, Sulphur Fumes, Football, and Slow Class.

This album was recorded live at the Circle Star Theatre in San Carlos, Califorinia.

The album in very good condition. The album cover shows a little shelf wear but really looks pretty good.