Boot Randolph. Dedication

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Boot Randolph released this album called Dedication on Monument Records in 1982. He dedicated this album to his good friend Bill Justis who worked with him on many projects for years and years. To this point Randolph had recorded 28 albums and somewhere on the back of 18 of thos albums, including this on, reads the credit "arranged and conducted by Bill Justis"  For those who loved old rock and roll you will remember Bill Justis for his hit in 1957 called Raunchy. 

Boots Randolph known for great talent and a sound on the saxaphone that was really the best. This album is no exception it has the following songs on it: 9 To 5, The Entertainer, Old Flame, A Good Hearted Woman, In The Mood, Lady, Easy As Pie, She's Out Of My Life, You Needed Me and Almost Like A Song.  Most of Boots Randolph recordings are instrumental but on this album 9 To 5 is a vocal as are Easy As Pie and Old Flame. The vocalists on this album include: Lisa Silver, Judy Rodman, Diane Tidwell on 9 to 5; on Old Flame and Easy As Pie it was Lisa Silver, Judy Rodman, Sherri Hoffman and Donna Sheridon.

This album cover was written on by a radio station but the album is in very good condition.