Country Joe & The Fish. Greatest Hits

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1969 was the year that Vanguard Recordings released this Greatest Hits Album by Country Joe & The Fish. All of the songs except one on this album were written by Joe McDonald. Streets of Your Town was penned by Barry Melton.

Country Joe & The Fish were a huge part of the sixties, the San Francisco scene, they were part of psychedelic flower child movement that shook the sixties. They were at Woodstock and you found them at the Avalon and Fillmore. Yes they were part of the anti war protesting years in the mid sixties. Interestingly Joe McDonald did serve in the military before his time with the Fish.

On this album: The Fish Cheer & Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die Rag, Maria, Streets Of Your  Town, Who Am I , Porpoise Mouth, Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine, The Masked Marauder, Bass Strings and Here I Go Again.

This album cover and all is in very good condition.