Oldies but Goodies and a lot more

We have hundreds of records on line and thousands more that will be listed in the future and in that assortment of great music are songs from many different genre.

The majority of the records cover a range of time from early 50's to 70's. Keep in mind that there are those that are in other time frames. The assortment is good and our quality is as well.  

You will see records that are hard to find promotional copies, some that have a storied past as they were actually used some for broadcast in radio. Then there are those from private collections etc. 

Our goal is and has always been to properly describe and grade what we sell so you the collector can purchase with confidence.

If you are a collector, or just someone who loves the sound of vinyl, we are a good site for you to check back on frequently because of the additions. 

www.dalescollectibles.com is the place.

Happy listening,