DVD. Wild Hogs starring Tim Allen and John Travolta

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This 2007 Touchstone release starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy is called Wild Hogs. Four Guys, 2000 miles, how wild can it get? This film is rate PG 13. And some parts of the film may be inappropriate for children younger than 13. It has some crude and sexual content and violence. The film is approximately 100 minutes in length.

This film is very funny, it is about four weekend warrior friends who decide to rev up their rather dull suburban lives with a cross country motorcycle adventure. They throw caution to the wind as they hit the open road. Of cours a lot can happen on the road to wherever including a run in with a real biker gang who don't take kindly to wannabes.

This DVD has a number of great bonus features.

It is funny throughout and the DVD is in excellent condition.