Bill Cosby. 8:15 12:15

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Bill Cosby released this double album in 1968 on Tetra grammaton Records.

This album gives you a unique opportunity to really hear one of the great humorists of all time. And like the consummate artist that Bill Cosby is, you can hear him paint new brush strokes of laughter for each new audience. This is Bill at his best. This album was recorded at Harrah's Lake Tahoe altitude which has Bill working two different audiences.

8:15 stands for the 8:15 show which has a Tahoe audience that has been sunning and swimming all afternoon and now they've just finished dinner and are full and a little noisy...A few of them have their children with them and Cosby is aware of this. Finish your dinner, sit down, relax and be in the 8:15 dinner audience with Bill Cosby.

12:15 is a different audience one that has been gambling or at another show somewhere. There are no children at this show. The waiters serve four doubles to everyone since there is no service after the show starts. This show is for mature audiences only.

This album is in very good condition.