Billy Butler. (You Make Me Think) You Ain't Ready / (You Make Me Think) You Ain't Ready

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This record was released in 1965 by Billy Butler. Billy Butler was born in 1945 as William E Butler but his career name was Billy.

 Billy Butler was most active as a R&B singer and songwriter in the 1960's and 1970's. His older brother Jerry was also and singer and songwriter and as Billy was getting his career going he played guitar in his brothers band. 

While in high school Billy formed the vocal group the Enchanters. He first started recording for Okeh Records in 1963 and was initially produced by the legendary Curtis Mayfield and later by Carl Davis.

During his career Billy wrote songs for his brother, Major Lance and Gene Chandler and himself. 

This 45 is in great condition, near mint and is a rare Radio Station copy that was not worn out. Both sides are the same which was common on these Radio Station copies.