Book. Tony Hillerman. The Wailing Wind

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This book was published in 2002 and this copy is a first edition. The book was published by Harper-Collins Publishers, and it is in near mint condition. It is in beautiful condition.

Tony Hillerman is a past president of the Mystery Writers of America and has received its Edgar and Grand Master Awards. His other honors include the Center for the American Indian's Ambassador Award, the Silver Spur Award for the best novel set in the West, and the Navajo Tribe's Special Friend Award. 

To Officer Bernadette Manuelito, the man curled up on the truck seat was just another drunk, which got Bernie in trouble for mishandling a crime scene, which got Sergeant Jim Chee in touble with the FBI, which drew Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn out of retirement and back into the old "Golden Calf" homicide, a case he had hoped to forget. This is an excellent mystery novel.