Buchanan Brothers. Medicine Man Part I / Medicine Man Part II

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Medicine Man Part I and Medicine Man Part II is a single by the Buchanan Brothers that was released in 1969 and became a top 40 hit.

The Buchanan Brothers were a late 1960s pop trio of non-brothers consisting of Dennis "Terry Cashman" Minogue, Eugene Pistilli, and Thomas "Tommy West" Picardo, Jr. Cashman, Pistilli, and West are singers, songwriters and producers who have, at various stages of their careers, also recorded solo and as duos (with each other) and written and produced for many other artists.

The Buchanan Brothers' best known song is "Medicine Man - Part I," which became a Top 40 hit in 1969. The Buchanan Brothers also had minor hits that same year with "Son Of A Lovin' Man" and "The Last Time." The trio also recorded as "Cashman, Pistilli & West" and had a minor hit in 1970 with "Goodbye Jo."

Besides recording as a trio, Cashman and West, and Pistilli and West (as "Gene and Tommy") also recorded as duos, and all three men have recorded solo. Cashman and Pistilli co-wrote the Spanky And Our Gang hit, "Sunday Will Never Be The Same," and Cashman and West produced for Jim Croce.

This 45 sounds good but shows some wear. Still good to listen too.