Buddy Knox. Lovey Dovey / I Got You

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Liberty Records released Lovey Dovey in 1960. Knox saw some success with this one although it only reached number 25 on the US charts. 

It is interesting that Buddy Knox is best known for the classic, Party Doll but he was involved in the music industry and doing things most of his generation did not. He experminted with multi-tracking. 

Throughout the 1970s, '80s, and early '90s he was based out of Manitoba, Canada and toured primarily in Western Canada and upper Mid-West US with occasional European appearances. In 1981, he starred in an independent Canadian movie "Sweet Country Road".

He said the fame took a toll on his family life. Traveling 250 days a year for 35 years, he was voted "the most traveling entertainer in the world" by Billboard magazine, but he said it cost him three marriages. 

This record sounds good, but shows some wear from years of being enjoyed.