Cat Stevens. Teaser and the Firecat

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This 1971 album release by Cat Stevens on A&M Records called Teaser and the Firecat is the fifth studio album by Stevens. This album contains 10 songs: The Wind, Rubylove, If I Laugh, Changes IV, How Can I Tell You, Tuesdays Dead, Morning Has Broken, Bitterblue,Moonshadow and Peace Train.

The album title was the same as a children's book writtena nd illustrated by Stevens. The story features the title characters from the album cover, top-hatted young Teaser and his pet, Firecat, who attempt to put the moon back in its place after it falls from the sky. The book was published in 1972 and has been out of print since the mid 1970's.

This album sounds good and is in good condition however the front of the album cover has some damage. There is a name on one side of the label.The inside pictures and the back are good. There is a name written on the label.