CD. Dick Dale & His Deltones. King Of The Surf Guitar, The Best Of

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In 1989 Rhino Records released this excellent CD of Dick Dale and His Deltones. Dick Dale known as the King Of The Surf Guitar with very good reason, when anyone thinks of the surf movement and the music that came from it, Dick Dale was in its beginning. Back in the early 1960's he was so popular that he was packing every dance venue around Southern California, so much so that he would not even take gigs out of that are, he really did not need to. Dick Dale a true legend.

This is an excellent CD loaded with some of his most popular releases: Let's Go Trippin'; Shake 'N' Stomp; Misirlou; Mr. Peppermint Man; Surf Beat; Take It Off; King Of The Surf Guitar; Hava Nagila; Riders In The Sky; The Wedge; Night Rider; Mr. Eliminator; The Victor; Taco Wagon; Tidal Wave; Banzai Washout; One Double One Oh! and Pipeline (with Stevie Ray Vaughan).

This CD is in very good condition.