CD. Required Etiquette

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This is a great CD is a compilation album on Big Beat Records in conjunction with Ace Records Ltd. All copyrights pertaining to these sound recordings are owned by Etiquette Records.

This CD is gives you the raw garage rock'n roll from those that created the great Northwest sound.

There are 24 songs on this CD that include: Out Of Our Tree by the Wailers; Psycho by The Sonics; I've Been Thinking by Paul Bearer and the Hearsemen; Ain't It The Truth Babe by The Bootmen; She Said I Do by the Galaxies; The Witch by The Sonics; Off The Hook by The Bootmen; Believe In You by the Rooks; 1,2,3,4 by The Bootmen; Louie Louie by Rockin' Robin Roberts & The Wailers; Make Love To Me Baby by The Galaxies; Route 66 by Paul Bearer and the Hearsemen; Love You All I Can by The Bootmen; Mistake by Ron Davies; The Hustler by The Sonics; I'll Be The One by The Rooks; Black Widow by The Bootmen; On The Beach by The Galaxies; You Can Be Replaced by The Bootmen; Shot Down by The Sonics; Wherever You Hide by The Bootmen; I'm A Worker by The Galaxies; Boss Hoss by The Sonics and Don't Worry About Me Baby by Mayalta Page.

This CD is in excellent condition.