CD. Trailer Choir. Off The Hillbilly Hook

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This CD released by Trailer Choir in 2009 on Show Dog LLC. Very good album by Trailer Choir and the following are the songs included on this CD: Rockin' The Beer Gut; Rollin' Through The Sunshine; In My Next 5 Beers; What Would You Say; Last Man Standing and Off The Hillbilly Hook.

Trailer Choir is a country duo composed of  Marc Fortney and Vinny Hickerson, known by their respective stage names Butter and Big Vinny. The group as a trio with Crystal Hoyt was signed to Show Dog Nashville, a label owned by Toby Keith in 2007. Trailer Choir charted the singles "What Would You Say", "Rockin' the Beer Gut" and "Rollin' Through the Sunshine" on the Billboard Hot Country Chart. These singles were followed by an extended play called Off the Hillbilly Hook and an album called Tailgate. 

This CD is like new condition.