Curtis Turner. #99 Schwams Wild Hog 1956 Ford

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Curtis Turner drove the #99 Ford for Schwam Motor Company in 1956 and this is a 1/24th scale diecast of that car. Turner was the winner of the Southern 500 and was fined $50 for rough riding a fine which he wanted lifted or he would never race again.

Turner was a well know stock car racer. In addition to his sucess in racing he made a fortune, lost it and remade it buying and selling timberlands. 

Turner was born in Virginia in 1924. His father was in the moonshine business and at an early age he was responsible for delivering his faher's moonshine to his customers. Turner developed his driving talents by running moonshine through the mountains being chased by the law, he was never caught by anyone.

His actual racing career started in 1946 and during his career he won 360 races in several different racing series, including 22 in the NASCAR Convertible Division in 1956 and 17 in the NASCAR Grand National Series, now known as the cup series.

Turner was  the first driver to climb Pikes Peak in less than 15 minutes, he did that in a 1962 Ralph Moody Ford. He was the first winner of the American 500 at Rockingham, North Carolina in a 1965 Woods Brothers Ford. He was the first driver to qualify for a NASCAR Grand National Race at a speed greater than 180 miles per hour that was in 1967 at the Daytona 500, he did in in a Smokey Yunick Chevrolet. Turner was the only driver to win a major NASCAR race that was red-flagged because his car was the only one still running, the race was at Asheville-Weaverville North Carolina Track in 1956.

Curtis Turner was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America in 2006 and in 2016 to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Part number for this car is CT1956Ford. The car has been kept in its box since its release by Action Racing Collectables for NAPA to celebrate NASCARS 50tjh Anniversary.

It is in excellent condition, the box shows a little self wear.