Dante and the Evergreens. Alley Oop / (Gotta Be) The Right Time

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Alley Oop a song written by Dallas Frazier the same songwriter who later wrote the hit song Elvira. Alley Oop came to hit status in 1960.

This song recorded by Dante & The Evergreens climbed the charts to #15 on July 4th, 1960. It was release on the Madison label and had the number M-130.

This recording was a cover of the release of Alley Oop The Hollywood Argyles released not long before.

Dante Drowty grew up with Jan and Dean and he said the three of them used to sing in the johns together. He also credits Jan and Dean with giving them their big break.
Dean Torrence introduced Dante and The Evergreens to Herb Alpert and Lou Adler who were getting their careers rolling and at the time they were managing Sam Cooke and producing records for him.

Dante said they recorded Alley Oop in one day, it was a Wednesday and they were on the Dick Clark show 7 or 8 days later with their hit.

This 45 shows some wear but it sounds good.