Dick Dale and his Deltones. Watusi Jo / Let's Go Trippin '65

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In April of 1985 this 45 was released on Capitol Records by Dick Dale and his Deltones. The record was produced by Jim Economides and Jim Monsour. Watusi Jo was written by Jim Economides and Jimmy Haskell and it was from the United Artists picture "I'll Take Sweden" on this 45 This side was from Live at Ciro's.
Let's Go Trippin '65 was written by Dick Dale. 

Richard Anthony Monsour  was born May 4, 1937 and he left us on March 16, 2019, known professionally as Dick Dale. Dale was known as the King of the Surf Guitar which actually is the name of his second studio album.

Dick Dale was know for the work he did with the manufacturer Leo Fender to produce amplifiers including the first ever 100 watt guitar amplifier. He pushed the limits of electric amplification technology, helping to develop equipment that was capable of producing a louder guitar sound with losing the reliability. 

Dale began playing in local country western rockabilly bars where he met Texas Tiny in 1955, who gave him the name "Dick Dale" because he thought it was a good name for a country singer.

Dale integrated  non-Western scales in his playing. He regularly used reverb, which became a trademark of surf guitar. Being left-handed, Dale tried to play a right-handed guitar, but then changed to a left handed model. However, he did so without restringing the guitar, leading him to effectively play the guitar upside-down, often playing by reaching over the fretboard , rather than wrapping his fingers up from underneath.
The man was a legend and an unbelievable guitar player. This 45 sounds good and look good, shows some wear.