DVD. Annapolis starring James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

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2006 Widescreen Edition.  A riveting story of boxing, survival and beating the odds inside the Naval Academy.  Jake (Franco) a young man from the wrong side of the tracks with the lifelong dream of becoming a Navy officer is accepted into the most elite military academy but surviving there is another story. Merciless battle seasoned Marine Midshipman Lt. Cole (Gibson) is the only thing standing between Jake and his dream.  The problem, Lt. Cole is Jake's company commander. Lt. Cole is relentless but as Jake discovers the "Brigade Boxing Tournament" open to all ranks - things start to turn around.  An exhilarating story of the power of believing in your dreams. Intense and a definite crowd-pleaser.  Rated PG-13 103 minutes in length.  The disc is in perfect condition! 6 STARS!