DVD. I Spy starring Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy, and Malcolm McDowell

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2002.  Kelly and Alex, two unlikely allies, teaming up to recover Switchblade, a missing stealth fighter jet prototype.  Alex Scott (Wilson), a top US Spy and cocky World Class Boxing Champion Kelly Robinson (Murphy) are a force to be reckoned with and they are on a mission to catch Arnold Gundars (McDowell) - illegal arms dealer- and stop him before he puts his plans for the plane into motion.  Murphy and Wilson pretty much play themselves and that's great because we love them both.  Add Famke Janssen, sexy, charming, intelligent, AND gracefule! to the mix and there you have it!  Almost a Bond flick - Well A great watch anyway.  Entertaining and full of two of our favorite Hollywood stars. 

Rated PG-13.  97 minutes in length. The disc is in great condition.