DVD. Louis L'Amour's The Quick and the Dead starring Sam Elliott, Kate Capshaw and Tom Conti

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1987  Widescreen Version- Classic Western Nominated for Two CableACE Awards.  A young married couple traveling West, run into some less than savory, gun-toting gang of bandits.  Duncan ( Conti) and Suzanna (Capshaw) manage to escape the gang but to no avail.  In steps Con Vallian (Elliott) a tough no-nonsense (Classic Elliott) frontiersman to the rescue.  Elliott is calmly rugged and sexy as always!  Conti surprisingly enough proves to fit the role quite well and Capshaw is always a joy to watch.  The picture is set almost entirely outside in the rugged beauty of resplendent Arizona.  The finale is unexpected and Well Worth The Wait!  This film is not rated. 90 minutes in length. 7 Stars!  The disc is perfect.