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Gary LeMel began his musical journey in 1958 as a jazz bass player just out of college and in 1959 he left Tucson, Arizona to tour with Anita O'Day. He toured with her for two years. In 1962 LeMel was drafter during the Vietnam years. 

In 1964 LeMel Moved to Los Angeles and was signed  by Vee Jay Records and was touted as the next big thing. In that same year, just months later Vee Jay signed The Beatles, cutting short LeMels promising career.  He released an album that same year and it gained some success but not what was planned.

Gary LeMel had a desire to enter the corporate part of the music business and in |1973 he was hired as VP of Jerry Weintraub's Management III. In 1975 he was hired away and went to work at VP of First Artists. The company owned by Barbara Streisand, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Poitier.

Then in 1978 he was hired as Senior VP for Casablanca Records. From there it was Boardwalk Records in 1981. 1982 he went to Columbia Pictures as Executive Vice President. In 1986 he moved to Warner Brothers Music as President where in 1991“The Bodyguard” became the biggest selling soundtrack of all time under LeMel and in 1992 he was Promoted to President, Worldwide Music for Warner Bros. then in 1997 he was appointed CEO of Appointed CEO Warner Sunset Records soundtrack label.

Gary LeMel’s “comeback” CD was released in 1997 called Romancing The Screen. In1998 he performed at Carnegie Hall in an evening of jazz hosted by Clint Eastwood, in the same year he perfomed at Carnegie Hall in an evening dedicated to Frank Sinatra. He signed with Atlantic Records in 1999 and his 1st Atlantic CD was released entitled Moonlighting, in June 2001, his 2nd Atlantic CD was released, "Lost In Your Arms"

He is a six time Grammy Award Winner for Soundtrack of the Year. 

This record on VJ is in very good condition, it does have a sticker on the A size of a promoter that worked for LeMel.