Hugo Montenegro. The Theme from "The Long Ships" / Good Neighbor Sam

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June, 1964 RCA Victor released, Theme From "The Long Ships" by Hugo Montenegro. The flip or b side of this record is Good Neighbor Sam. 

Montenegro was born in New York City in 1925. He served in the U.S. Navy for two years, mostly as an arranger for the Newport Naval Base band in Newport, Rhode Island. After the war he attended Manhattan College while studying composition and leading his own band for school dances.

Montenegro was the directing the Glen-Spice Orchestra on Dion DiMucci's first release when Dion was backed by Dragon recording artists, the Timberlanes. Released on Mohawk in 1957, the songs were "Out In Colorado" and "The Chosen Few", which were soon issued on the Jubilee label for better distribution.
This 45 rpm record is a dj copy produced for radio station airplay. It sounds good and is in good condition. On one side the label contains the stamp of a radio station that had this record.