Jerry Naylor. Goodtime Chariot / With This Ring

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This is a 45 that was released by Jerry Naylor in the sixties. This record is in very good condition. It is a Special Disc Jockey Record on MGM Records.

How much do you know about Jerry Naylor Jackson? He was born in Chalk Mountain, Texas during the great depression. His mother played piano in their local church and completely encouraged Naylor love of music. At an early age he began listening to the greats of Country music, such as Hank Williams Sr., Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills and Slim Whitman. Slim Whitman's Steel Guitar player, Hoot Raines led the then 9 year old Naylor to purchase and learn to play a steel guitar with the money he earned picking cotton.By the age of 12 years, Jerry was playing that steel guitar at local honky tonks in and around Carlsbad and San Angelo, Texas, with his brother-in-law, Tommy Briggs' Hillbilly band. 

In 1953, at the age of 14, Jerry Naylor began working at a new radio station in San Angelo, Texas called KPEP. Veteran broadcaster, Joe Treadway, who with his wife Matilda would become Jerry's foster parents when Naylor's mother passed in 1955. Well Treadway hired Naylor and taught him to be a DJ, radio time salesman and radio maintenance engineer.  Treadway encouraged Naylor to continue performing. Treadway had a co-owner in the radio station, he was Dave Stone (Pinkstone) who also owned the, now , KDAV radio station in Lubbock Texas where Buddy Holly was an on air performer with Bob Montgomery billed as Buddy and Bob. 

These two West Texas radio stations were the first full-time country music radio stations in America and promoted live touring shows throughout West Texas with stars from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Lousiana Hayride in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Joe Treadway and his close friend, Tillman Franks,  Talent Coordinator for the Hayride,managed Naylor's young singing career and booked Jerry and his band on these touring shows.

In 1961, Jerry Naylor became the lead singer for the Crickets. This was two years after the tragic death of Buddy Holly and the departure of other singers from the group. Jerry Ivan Allison, Buddy Holly's drummer and co-songwriter, owned the name and trademark of "The Crickets". He offered Naylor the lead singer position with TNaylor recorded as the lead singer with the Crickets until 1964. Their first hit for the label was Don't Ever Change. which reached the number 5 position on the national charts in the UK. That song turned out to be the first song the Beatles performed live on BBC in 1963.