Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's 2004 Monte Carlo

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Jimmie Johnson #48 Lowe's 2004 Monte Carlo.

When diecast is manufactured in a very low quantity like this one is, just 1,896 for the Dealers it is rare to begin with and valuable at the same time because they are much harder to get ahold of.

If you are looking for a good collectible, what could be better than 2 time Nextel Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson's dealer version of the #48 Lowe's 2004 Monte Carlo replica of Jimmies car with excellent detail. Roof Flaps work excellent, truck and hood open with great and exacting detail everywhere. Inside and underside of the car to scale and done excellently. Graphics are very shape and exact.

Value of this car is sure to increase as Jimmie Johnson continues to become an even bigger super star in NASCAR.