Jimmy Norman. Tell Her For Me / I Don't Love You No More

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This 45 rpm record is a 1962 release on Little Star records. Jimmy Norman Tell Her For Me and the flip side is I Don't Love You No More.

Jimmy Norman was born in 2011. Well known for being a songwriter and R&B and Jazz musician. During his career he did session work with Jimi Hendrix but really was better know for being a lyricist and songwriter. In 1969 he became part of the Coasters, first joining them as a producer and then as a touring member. He also recorded independently during those years.  first as a producer and then as a touring member until 1999. He was also recording independently, releasing a solo album in 1998, but during that year poor health forced him to retire from performing. Like many other musicians of his time, he was not financially prepared for retirement or heavy medical bills, and with few royalties for his writing soon found himself in economic crisis. With the assistance of charitable organization Jazz Foundation of America, Norman regained his feet and resumed performing, releasing his first wide distribution album in 2004, Little Pieces

This record was used as a promotional record for radio. As a matter of fact the only side with a completed label is the A or plug side. The Other side has I Don't Love You No More but the label was had written. The record sound good but shows some wear.