Kin Vassy. Beautiful Lady / Beautiful Lady

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This was a 1986 record release on Tell International Records by Kin Vassy. 

This 45 rpm record has the same song on both sides, one in stereo and one in mono. This is a radio station promotional copy. Rare and in Excellent condition. Looks like new. This record was number 432 on Tell Records, the record company owned by the legendary Jerry Merritt.

This record was written by Stevens/Walker and produced by Even Stevens.

Charles Kindred "Kin" Vassy was born in 1943. A singer-songwriter, who developed a good solo recording career also recorded with Kenny Rogers, Frank Zappa and Elvis Presley.

In the 1960s, Vassy was a member of The Back Porch Majority but left the group in 1969 and joined Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. He recorded on their album Somethin's Burning. In 1970 one of his songs, "Heed The Call" became a top 40 hit.